H H H (Hand, Heart, and Head) is a piece, concept, and visual experience. Since its premiere for the Batsheva Ensembles Creates program of 2018, it was awarded First Place at the Machol Shalem International Competition in Jerusalem and the Critics Prize at the 33rd edition of the Hannover International Choreography Competition of 2019.

Influenced by a Patti Smith interview from the 1970s, the piece is a protest against societal constrictions and fake conceptions of freedom. Using a collection of influences that are seldom associated (country music and queer culture, Pussy Riot and Buddhism), it delivers a message that is universal and undefined by culture codes but instead by the shared human experience.

H H H is also a video project. The film, shot in the desert of Joshua Tree, California, was a finalist in the ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival of Macao and the Festival Chalo ! of In/Flux at Cergy. (See all videos at the bottom of the page.)



in Rehearsal

CREATION: june 22, 2018 as part of OUT: Batsheva Ensemble Dancers Create

PRODUCTION: Les drôles de dames (ddd)

Duration: 45 minutes

Original CasT: Mourad Bouayad, Thibaut Eiferman, Hani Sirkis | Reprise: Omri Arviv, Hsin-Yi Hsiang, MINOUCHE VAN DE VEN, STEPH AMURAO

TextS: Patti Smith, BROTHER PHAP LUU | Music: Dolly Parton, NINA SIMONE, too smooth christ (Courtesy of nocta numerica RECORDS)


Lighting designer: Yoav Barel

With support from Micadanses, la briqueterie cdcn DU val-de-marne, la ménagerie de verre, Théatre de la danse, Milk shake project, gaga paris